Case Study 1 – Children Products Photo Retouching PART 1

Children products photo retouching is a difficult thing when it comes to photo editing. Not only the product itself has to be appealing – the whole light, hues and colors have to correspond to the children’s theme. Today I want to show you how one can present basic children products on a blank background.

The photo itself

The photo that was given to me was rather dark – the person wasn’t a professional photograph (which is NOT compulsory when it comes to achieving GREAT finished photos) but she tried her best and have a blank background which helped me a lot.

Children products photo retouching
The BEFORE photo of children product aimed for editing

You could think that the photographer could easily make the light strong and make my work easier but I have to prove you wrong ;). Very often the darker photo is a better solution for me than a too light one. Making the photo lighter is a less difficult process than trying to figure out the true colors of an overexposed one with burned pixels.

What problems can you spot on this one?

Beside the light which is the least problematic issue there is a lot more to this photo that need to be done in order to make this piece appealing to mothers and fathers (I mean clients;)).

Take a look at the original and think of possible courses this photo can take.

Got it? Okay, keep reading then :).

First, some sides of this pillow and blanket are definitely too curved – if someone really put it the nicest way it could be very possible to make the sides perfectly flat. And if something is reachable – I will make it real on the photo.

Then, while making sides equal I also make them correspond to each other making the product parallel to each other.

You can also see bottom left and right corners of the blanket being uneven – this was also changed.

Colors – I’ve made this baby blue more like the original could look in a bright light if a professional photo studio.

The effect – beautiful children product retouching piece

The AFTER photo of baby product retouching
The AFTER photo of baby product retouching

The finished photo is way more attractive to the eye than the original but still looks naturally set.

Here you can see side-to-side comparison.

before anf after baby retouching product


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