How to deal with nasty clothes folding [with photos]

Clothes folding can successfully distract our viewers from model’s face and add unnecessary  feeling of not fully ruling over what is happening in the photo. This is why we need to understand how important is to gain control over every aspect of apparel on our model/s.

Get the first picture as an example.

clothes folding

Aside from many stray hairs we have to get rid off the shirt needs to be edited in order to not to be so complicated and distracting from the face.

One can easily achieve it through the use of liquify tool in Photoshop. You have to simply mask the surroundings and use a brush wayyyy bigger than the actual size of the problem.

After that you end up with something like this:

clothes folding after.jpg

Folded parts are no longer so absorbing as they partly gone without having an effect on model’s anatomy.

Another hot spot for fabric folding is men’s trousers. To be specific, the point when the sleeve meets the shoe. Look how I handled this issue:

feet clothes folded
BEFORE and ……………………………………….AFTER 🙂

This will ensure that the groom won’t look clumsy and apparel won’t appear bigger or not well matched. All done with the liquify tool of course.

Men’s trousers continued.

spodnie zaznaczenie.jpg

Can you see all those folds? This is definitely too much and distracts viewers from the groom’s face. This is the place when spot healing brush will be helpful.

before after spodnie

The effect is not very visible at the first sight but it’s a main point of it – it SHOULD NOT be visible. We want to make tones soft and silky. All the unnecessary folds are gone and we can put our eye on something different.

There are many more issues with clothes folding retouching but I hope that those will help you get the point of what should be done.


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